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The CBR Team

The Charleston underwater hockey team (CBR) was founded by Pat and Lynn Harris in 1993.  At that time, there were six players that would frequently visit the bar Mustangs in the Avondale neighborhood of Charleston, SC.  Although Mustangs may not be around anymore, a number of the original members still play!  CBR has always been a team of both men and women of all ages.  Our weekly practices are recreational pick-up scrimmages.

From the Archives:

Volume 1, No. 1, of the The Blockade Runner, the newsletter of the Charleston UWH club.  Herein, an account of the night the club was formally organized in December 1994 (actual play started in 1993), a primer on UWH by Lynn Harris (one of the founders), and a snowy photo from the Chicago tournament in January 1995.

Underwater Hockey

The Team:

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